Sunday, 25 April 2010

Discussing Endo on Open Book

You can hear me discussing that marvellous Japanese author Shusaku Endo with the author Caryl Philipps and Mariella Frostrup on the BBC Radio 4 programme Open Book.

Some of Endo's books have recently been released on audiobooks, but listening to Caryl Philipps' wonderfully rich, soothing and mellifluous tones made me think that Caryl should perhaps voice some audiobooks himself.

Incidentally I love Caryl's description of Endo's masterpiece Silence as 'K2', encouraging new readers to take it easy amongst the foothills before attempting this daunting summit.

We await with interest to see when Martin Scorcese's film of Silence - in planning now for many a year with quite a few Hollywood A-listers linked to it - will be completed. It will surely mark the start of a long overdue 'Endo-boom' when it is finally released.

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