Tuesday, 28 January 2014

The Embassy Gig

With a New Year comes, in Star Wars-esque fashion, a new hope, and so, after a fallow period, I am looking forward to some new events for the diversion and entertainment of my many millions of blog readers. We are kicking off in some style with an event next Monday evening at 5pm at the Japanese Embassy in London (on Piccadilly, slightly down from The Ritz) when I will be giving a tour round the Soseki exhibition then leading a discussion about my 2005 book The Tower of London. Afterwards there are rumours of a sake tasting at the embassy rounded off, I dare say, by some wanderings around notable watering holes of the West End.

More details on the event are here:


Membership of the Japan Society (£45 a year for singles; £60 for families) is required, but this event, and many others besides, are free thereafter.

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