Friday, 30 January 2015

Forthcoming Events in Sheffield, Liverpool and London

My thanks to one and all at FAMES, Cambridge (and particularly Dr. Barak Kushner, Professor Richard Bowring and Dr. Matthew Shores) for a great event on Monday. Always wonderful to be back to Cambridge...

We will be holding another Yukio Mishima: Time and Destiny event at SEAS, University of Sheffield on Thursday 19 February and at the World Museum, Liverpool on Saturday 28 February. Please join us.

Meanwhile if you would like to hear a talk on a completely different subject...

Serene notes soar into the air of a 18th century Leipzig church; a solitary pianist heads off into the wilds of Nova Scotia; and a Japanese scholar, on the brink of nervous breakdown, escapes to the Highlands of Scotland. Let me take you on a journey across time and space, as we travel together into the mountains of Kyushu led by an artist determined to view the world as it has never been seen before.

The journey starts on March 12 with my talk, 'Glenn Gould and Natsume Soseki'. For more details, follow this link:

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Saibancho said...

Looking forward to the event at Daiwa. The blog is also very engaging and enlightening! I'm curious to know how you got into studying Japan in the first place and how you got into translation, particularly literature. I hope to be able to ask you either at the post event or at some other opportune moment! Yoroshiku!